I don’t usually write about restaurants outside of Manhattan and sometimes Queens, but in honor of Lon’s and Keith’s birthdays, we drove out to Amagansett (Hamptons) for some lobster at 27 Lobster and Surf Shack.

The deal here is 1 1/4 lb lobsters for $9.95 before 7pm. It is a pretty good deal but they get you everywhere else. The crab cake appetizer is $14.95 for 1 crab cake. It’s a very good crab cake so it’s ok but the french fries and onion rings are $7 each. It’s a very small portion and both were just ok tasting. The lobster only comes boiled but tastes fresh and since Lon’s mom’s lobster was missing a claw, they gave her another whole lobster for free (after dessert!).

Overall, the place was not memorable and current gas prices make the $9.95 lobsters look less enticing.

But, Kasi got a great strawberry shortcake from a bakery in Smithtown. it was delicious! Since Lon’s mom lives out there, I’ll prob visit that bakery!

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