I can’t believe Lon and I walked around in that intense heat and humidity last night. We walked pretty far because we were planning on going to The Spotted Pig, but there was a 30 min wait and we were too hungry.

We ended up at I Tre Merli, a tiny Italian place that looks more like a bar, and actually has sister restaurants in NYC and Italy). The food was good and bad, but the prices made sense. Lon’s squid ink taglioni with shrimp and calamari was very fishy. My homemade spaghetti in bolognese was interesting. The pasta tasted like ramen (which I like) and the sauce tasted like it was grilled? I liked it. Lon didn’t. We ordered a side of fries which comes with sprigs of rosemary. The fries were good and everything came out super hot, but we probably won’t go back.

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