FoodMayhem started shortly after we, Jessica and Lon (short biographies here), started dating. We fell in love almost instantly through our shared passion to eat! It started as a personal journal so that we could remember all the recipes we created and remember which restaurants we liked and disliked. These pages were just kind of notes for ourselves.

Overtime the blog has evolved to fit our lifestyle and life stage. Where our writing comes from always remains the same: it is still information we want to remember; and whether good or critical, it is what we want to tell our future selves. Our writing is casual and focuses on content not formality (read: sometimes topics meander and you’ll find typos) and we share it because it seems appreciated. You are getting a look inside our heads.

Lon had been posting online since 2002 using Blogger, Flickr, and other methods. We officially became FoodMayhem in February of 2006. Our posting frequency was sparse until 2007 when we realized how fun it was when we really got into it. In the fall of 2007, Jessica quit her full-time job to devote more time to FoodMayhem. Don’t miss any of it by subscribing via the FoodMayhem feed.

Full Disclosure

We know that readers are placing their trust in us and as we said, this blog is really a bunch of notes for ourselves, so we will always disclose the relationship we have with a company, person, or product. If anything is ever unclear, please just ask.

Press & Site Info

FoodMayhem is a rapidly growing blog with strong, loyal, global readership. We run a variety of detailed statistics and tracking packages and offer a detailed press kit.  Contact us for a free copy.

For additional info, without contacting us, we recommend reviewing Alexa, Quantcast, or Compete — free services that do a decent job of tracking web sites.

How to Submit Your Product for Review

Thank you for joining us at FoodMayhem. We consider all products (and services) related to food, cooking, and kitchens for FoodMayhem. However, we receive many products and requests per week and therefore may not be able to write about yours. If we decide to post about your product, our post will be honest (positive or negative).

If you’d like us to review your product, please send a sample (the sample will not be returned), along with a marketing kit (include a CD/DVD of product media, if available), to:

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Other Questions?

We hope you found your answer on this page of frequently asked questions. If not, please consider sending your question to us via our contact form.