True, VietCafe looks nicer than most Vietnamese places but I’d much rather pay 75% less, sit in a cheap and tacky room, and eat good food!

I was in a group of 7, mostly people who don’t care much about food quality, but Lon said he liked it, which suprised me…..and disappointed me.

The appetizers came in really small portions but didn’t taste that good anyway. The beef and papaya salad was completely overwhelmed by too much fennel. I couldn’t taste anything else for about 5 minutes. The pork roll was pretty tasteless. The pillow dumplings were good but how can you mess up deep fried dumplings?

Lon and Aviva ordered the fire-pot salmon. Both agreed the sauce was too sweet. I tasted a tiny piece and didn’t stick my chopsticks onto Lon’s plate again all night, and that is rare! It was drenched in a very sugary tasting teriyaki sauce. What was Vietnames about it? Lon also order the sweet sausage fried rice. It was way overly peppery and I like pepper.

I ordered the Hanoi Pork and Meatballs. The presentation was really ugly (and I’m Chinese…we eat organs, feet, whatever). It looked like someone took left over pork chops and cut it in random size and shapes, threw in 3 messy kinda burnt looking clumps of meat, and let it sit in a bowl of some kind of sweet liquid. It came with a plate of plain Vietnames rice noodles which were fine. I ordered a side or crispy tofu in a lime scallion dressing. This was the only dish I thought was decent but again it’s hard to mees up deep fried chunks of tofu.

The bottom line is….no drinks, no desserts, not really full, a bit below average food, $42 per person!

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