We really needed a quick lunch so we just walked into Fu Zhou Restaurant Fu Zhou Restaurant, near the Grand Street train station. This will be a short post because we only got three dishes because weekdays are just not the best time to have dim sum. (I want to slap myself cause I knew that already.) So everything was good with a “but” … The Beef Short Rib had a nice peppery flavor but it was too oily. The Shrimp in Rice Noodle Wrap was made with such fresh rice noodle, with that incredible chewiness, but the shrimp was kind of fishy. The Crystal Shrimp Dumplings had plump shrimp but the wrapper was too soft, not bouncy as it should be. We’re not complaining though. It was $4.50 for the two of us and we were almost done with lunch. We’d be willing to go back and try them on a weekend, peak dim sum time.

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