After our not quite finished lunch, we went to Egg Custard King Cafe Egg Custard King Cafe to get some filler for our tummies. I’ve never patronized before because the sign looked so commercialized and the beauty of Chinatown is all the unpolished shops. Well not to worry, there was no franchise training here. None of the counter girls spoke English and they could barely describe their products to me in Chinese. Ahh…right at home.

Since they call themselves the Egg Custard King Cafe, it would make sense for them to over do it on egg custard. They have honeydew flavored, almond flavored, strawberry flavored, and banana flavored, none of which I tried because it likely has food coloring. (I’m allergic.)

I did try their Classic Egg Custard, a Creme Brulee version, and an All Egg White Custard. They were all very good, smooth custards with flaky crusts. My favorite is still the classic but the egg white is a surprisingly good option. The Creme Brulee was my least favorite because it was the most sweet but these are great little desserts for $0.80 each. Lon also bought a hot dog bun which he thought was great.

As much as I wanted to dislike this place, I’m sure I’ll be back. Hopefully, not too soon.

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