nycBeerWeek_logo_glass_04NY Craft Beer Week Passports are officially on-sale today! For $35, you get a book/passport that gives you access to this 10 day event, happening September 11-20, 2009. There are 83 bars participating within our five boroughs, and for $2 (+tip) you can get a pint of craft beer (or two half pints) at each one. I dare you to try to make it to all 83 bars, which would be averaging 8.3 per day, but I bet some FoodMayhemers could do it. The passport also includes some discounts that extend to Labor Day and it’s a great guide to keep handy. I bet this would be a killer present for a beer-lover too!

Here’s a little sample of participating hot spots (just 8 out of 83):

Rattle N Num
The Diamond
The Blind Tiger Ale House
Bar Great Harry
George Keeley
The Pony

Then, there’s also some great events, beer walks/tours, beer classes and lectures, and special dinners with beer pairings. You do have to make reservations or buy tickets for some of these extras separately (very limited spots, hop on it now), but I’m thinking about the fancy 6 course dinner at Mas Farmhouse, and I’m definitely going to the Closing Ceremony at Studio Square. There will be some rare craft beers on tap, live music, and the admission here is free.

Ok, so why am I so excited about this? No, I’m not being paid for this post, but I did meet Josh schaffner, the founder and director of NY Craft Beer Week, a few months ago. He is awesome, and seeing all the work and passion he put into this, I just know this will be a killer event. Remember that post I wrote about trying things again? Well, beer was one of those things that I thought tasted like…I don’t want to be vulgur. Josh has been giving me a bit of education, which is really his main goal, and I am opening up to beer. Ultimately, that’s our goal at FoodMayhem too, to educate ourselves and others on great food and beverages, and I think NY Craft Beer Week is going to be a great way to learn beer appreciation.

Interview with Josh Schaffner coming soon!

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