We love to pick up snacks while traveling (or from when others travel). During our recent trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico we picked up several.

Mexican Snacks

One of the snacks was selected explicitly for Stephen. Gusanito’s Luminosos are gummy worms that come with a special tweezer that is electrical! I’m not sure exactly what it does, but I assume it lights up the worms. This seems so kitschy and fun, a perfect toy for Stephen. We didn’t taste these and Stephen is saving them for when he and Kasi return from Vegas.

The second treat is a pack of Submarinos – Fresa. These are basically strawberry-flavored Twinkies. Stephen and Kasi tasted them and tell us that they taste like any plain ole Twinkie. So sad, we were hoping for more!

The third treat, a big bag of corn-based rods, we did get to taste. The bag of Churricos had about four ingredients: corn, oil, peppers (habanero or guajillo), and salt. It is a very simple flavor that’s easy to enjoy. Some of the rods had the habanero flavor, these were a smoother texture, darker orange, and had nice heat. The other rods were slightly ridged (looking like they were pushed out of an extrusion die) and a lighter orange color. They had nicer flavor and less heat. Eating them together was nice. The flavor was light yet addicting. “The Chippie” wrote about them and has a nice pic of the bag on the beach.

Overall we weren’t too excited about snack options in Playa, hence the creation of our own snack.

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