*GONG* It’s my 20th visit to Sushi Yasuda. Hooray! *GONG*

OK, so you know how much I love this place. I’ll keep it short. I tried an Ume Plum and Salted Shiso Roll. I’m not a fan of Shiso (or any mint-like thing) but I tried to keep an open mind since Sushi Yasuda has made me an Uni fan (which I previously wasn’t). I still don’t like the Shiso, but the Ume was great, salty, sweet, sour, tangy, fruity. Chef Tomura told us that this Japanese specialty is aged for about 5 years. I imagine that is what makes the flavor so concetrated, yet so smooth.

Ume plum and Salted Shiso

Lesson learned, they’re great at more than fish. I’ll be trying more of their vegetable items soon.
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