As you know from some of our previous trips, when we travel, we eat a lot! Just check out the day we went to Santorini for an example. We really pack it in, even in the airport! So with only four days in Chicago (starting today), and it being Jessica’s first time there, we really need to be on top of our game. After all, Chicago cuisine is definitely some of the most enjoyable in the country.

We’ve put together a little quick reference chart to make sure we know where we’re heading at each stop along the way. The two restaurants that spurred the whole trip were Moto and Alinea. We booked reservations at those places about two months ago. Almost all the remaining choices were suggestions from you — our favorite readers! Thank you so much for the valuable input… our stomachs thank you as well!

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast n/a Walker Bros.
Pancake House
Meli Cafe &
Juice Bar
Lunch Lou Malnati’s Hot Doug’s Bob Chinn’s Portillo’s
Snack Bobtail
Ice Cream
Mario’s Italian
Village Creamery Joong Boo
Dinner Webster
Wine Bar
Alinea Moto Gino’s East

As we eat our way through the Chicago area, we’ll be keeping you apprised of the foodie situation. There’ll be Twittering and posting, so stay tuned. Yum.

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