I’ve become known amongst family and friends for salad dressing. I don’t know why really because I thought everyone made salad dressing in a similar manor to me. Yet, time and time again, people keep asking me how I make the dressing, and when I arrive at parties and ask if I can help, I am always asked to make salad dressing. My mom asks me to bring her jars of dressing, reminding me constantly, and my mother-in-law leaves that job for me at Passover and other family gatherings.

I make different dressings almost every time I make salad, but I’ll try to write them down more. This one was made for Mother’s Day. The ingredients were decided on by the fact that my mom (Kelly) is allergic to fresh lemon and Bonnie (Lon’s mom) can’t have anything with tannins. It’s a really simple dressing that anyone can make.

roasted garlic