When you do a 10 day eating tour, you come home feeling a bit plump, rather bloated, and maybe a little unhealthy. Lon did not gain a pound, while I came home 3 to 4 pounds heavier. The first thing I did Monday was hit the Farmer’s Market in search of a healthy meal to rejuvenate myself. There’s an amazing variety of beans available now and the garden bean dish we had at Manresa was fresh on my mind. We really liked having different beans together, similar yet each one snaps or squishes a little differently. I used Romano beans, also called flat beans, then some yellow or wax beans, and fava beans, but you can play with any beans you like. Fava beans require some work so shelled edamame would be a nice cheat.

As I frolicked through the market, already feeling healthier, I spotted large free-range duck eggs. This dish came together in my head that instant. I couldn’t wait to have oozing yolk running over these fresh beans. I ran right home to make lunch. (Feel free to just fry up chicken eggs. You may need two chicken eggs to substitute for a duck egg.)

Green Market Beans with Runny Duck Egg