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Recipes that include ramps

Squid with Ramps in Black Bean Sauce

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ramps are in season and though they are not traditionally found in Chinese food, they make perfect sense in Chinese food. I think of ramps as sweeter, fatter, less pungent Chinese chives. I would bet you could successfully substitute ramps for any recipe that called for Chinese chives. Next, I want to do some dumplings with ramps!

Last week, I was in a rush to make dinner. I knew I had some fresh squid and ramps in the fridge and wanted to make something with Chinese flavors because Chinese food is definitely Caya’s favorite and she has really missed it while we were in Martha’s Vineyard. This is the dish that somehow made it to the table after two minutes of thought, Squid with Ramps in Black Bean Sauce. Caya and Lon loved it so much that a few days later, I made it again. Caya devoured it and so I made it again…

Squid with Ramps in Black Bean Sauce title pic


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Ramps, Prosciutto, and Cave Aged Gruyere

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally! We moved, but it’s not all smooth sailing yet. We’re living out of boxes and we don’t have a kitchen yet. While our perfect kitchen is being built (which we will be talking about soon), I’m going to have to get crafty. I do have many plug-in appliances (rice cooker, toaster oven, panini press, waffle maker, microwave, etc.) so we’re still going to have a ball here. I think we’re going to be pleasantly surprised with how much I (or you) can do without a kitchen. (Gulp) Determined to eat well every single day without exceptions, here goes…

Over the years, I haven’t had the greatest opinion of Fresh Direct. Either something was left out of my order or something was broken. In 2006, I wrote about our worst experience where seemingly everything that could go wrong did: frozen stuff de-frosted, late delivery, ruined products, no solution through customer service. In the last four years, I’ve only ordered from them a handful of times, and it’s only because I love their par-baked breads, particularly the Ciabatta Rolls.

Prosciutto, ramps, and gruyere on wood board


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May Crostini

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I was walking around the farmer’s market just sipping in the glory of spring. I love when the market is full of great produce. It’s like a different world compared to the winter months when all I see is apples. I wanted to highlight the bounty of May so I picked up some sunchokes, some healthy ramps, and even splurged on maitake mushrooms ($10 per 1/2 lb).

Sunchokes are tubers, a little starchier than jicama, but taste like mellow artichokes, but sweeter. I took this picture because I thought it was amazing how different they look when you scrub them.



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Goat Cheese & Ramps Ravioli

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One of the dishes we made for our Mother’s Day spectacular was purely inspired by the season.  It’s ramps season, and since it’s such a short season, we find it imperative to do something with them during this period.

Raw Whole Ramps


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