When the stay at home order started, we were already pretty well stocked and we only needed fresh fruits and veggies so we just ordered on Fresh Direct. I really didn’t want to go to stores and more importantly, I did not want my parents to. Their age puts them at high risk. Eventually, we all started missing Asian produce and I was running out of sauces and dry goods. Fresh Direct occasionally has napa cabbage, shanghai bok choy, and daikon radish but not regularly. A couple of my friends were still hitting Asian supermarkets but eventually, a lot of them started closing. (I hear some of them will start re-opening.) Regardless, there seems to be a demand so I put together a list of on-line sites where you can order Asian goodies from. These sites only deliver to the NYC area (some only certain boroughs, some a little further). I’ve been mostly upstate so keep in mind that these are anecdotal notes from friends and family. Try them at your own risk.

If you know of another one to add to the list, let me know!


Asian Veggies is still in soft opening mode, trying to get more pictures onto their website. They have decent quality and a good selection of veggies, some fruits, and some dry goods. They are a little pricey and quantities might be large, especially for fruit, i.e. 64 fuji apples in a box. There’s an $8 delivery fee. Orders place by 6pm are delivered next day (no Sundays)


Dine Market is a site that let’s you shop from three different suppliers. To make it less confusing, my SIL advises filtering for one supplier when you shop. She uses Valley View which has a $50 minimum. Prices are reasonable considering item quantities and free delivery. They are reliable and it’s easy to get delivery.


Fresh Go GO is kind of like Fresh Direct for Asian stuff but the website is not as good. They did exist before the pandemic so it is more of a website than most of the other ones. There’s a pretty large selection of fruits, vegetables, dry goods, prepared foods, and even masks and sake sets. The prices are reasonable and mostly good quality. No delivery fee but it’s very hard to get a time slot so my brother went to a pick-up point in Jersey City. Even so, this is my extended family’s favorite option because of the wide selection.


I don’t know anyone who has tried this site yet but they’re centered around Japanese products. Free delivery for orders over $75


SouthEast Asia Food Group is a wholesaler that is making home deliveries. You have to message them for a price sheet. There’s no pictured shopping site so it’s a bit hard to order. I know one person who made a home order and she did misunderstand some of what she ordered. However, the plus is that you can easily get a next day delivery slot. Some quantities are small and some are large and prices are good. The delivery fee and minimum seems so have changed so I don’t want to post the wrong info. Email them to ask.

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