With the impending closure of Google Reader and the possibility of Google shutting down Feedburner, we are lining the clouds with silver by setting up a real e-mail list for FoodMayhem! I’m actually glad I got this push as FoodMayhem should’ve moved to e-mail long ago. Now I’ll be able send you a picture (and more customized emails about posts in general)!

The move will happen by the next blog post so expect an e-mail from me in the next several days, please make sure to add us ([email protected]) to your address book so it doesn’t get flagged as spam. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

If you manually signed up for e-mail on our site in the past you should continue to receive emails without a problem. (cross your fingers).  If you didn’t please sign up now so you stay in the taste loop.

If you’re a new reader, sign-up for e-mails now so you never miss anything delicious!

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