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Greek-style yogurt has become super popular in the US and I’m definitely a fan. The thicker consistency makes it a much better product to cook with, especially for tzatzikis and raitas. Even for eating alone or serving with fruit, why eat that watery stuff? I converted to Greek-style yogurts roughly 10 years ago and never looked back!

When Olympus Dairy USA contacted me to try their line of Greek yogurts, I was eager to. Not only is it that thick, creamy yogurt I love, Olympus Greek Yogurt is made in Greece from milk that comes from cows roaming the hills of Greece. The all natural, non-GMO, authentic Greek yogurts come in 10% fat, 2%, 1% and 0%. See their full line of yogurts here and some Greek cheeses.

Even better is Olympus’ commitment to sustainability. Olympus yogurts are made in a bioenergy plant where 70% of the energy is generated from waste product. Eat good stuff and feel good about it.

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