Cayenne (our daughter) turned one! We get a lot of questions (online and off) about how she eats and what we feed her. It’s time we did a blog post all about Caya’s food.
Caya Pepper

As soon as Caya could sit up, we had her in a high chair at the table with us for every meal.  When Caya was six months old we started her on solid foods, using the eat corn-on-the-cob within the first few days and quickly learned to eat almost anything that we cut up for her.

People frequently ask “what has Caya eaten so far?” — they don’t realize how long it could take to answer that question. We tried to compile a list of some of the foods she’s eaten so far, knowing we’ve already forgotten some (especially all the cheeses). Even though this list seems long, there’s still so many things I’m waiting for her to try like sushi, chocolate, clams, jamon iberico, lox, Szechuan food, honey, and peanut butter!  The items with asterisks (*) are her favorites (in one sitting she ate over 19 cherry tomatoes!)

BBQ Pulled Pork Buffalo Fish  Crimini Mushroom
Pork Chop Tile fish Avocado *
Sliced Lamb Monk fish Artichoke *
Peking Duck* Yellowtail Sunchoke
Chicken (including heritage-bred) Salmon Broccoli
Cornish Game Hen Skate Spinach
 Roasted Turkey Tilapia Cauliflower
Moroccan-Spiced Turkey Meatloaf Flounder Daikon
Beef Hamburger * Seabass Broccolini
Turkey Hamburger * Striped Bass Brussels Sprouts
Lamb Hamburger Shrimp Fennel
Meatballs Kumato Tomatoes * Asparagus
 Lasagna Cherry/Grape Tomatoes * Carrot
Potato Green Zebra Tomatoes * String Bean
 Japanese Sweet Potato* Campari Tomatoes * Corn
 Taro Edamame Cucumber
 Garnet Yam Chickpeas Peas
 White Sweet Potato Falafel Roasted Beets
 French Fries Black Beans Roasted Bell Peppers
 Sweet Potato Fries Hummus Butternut Squash
Pizza Cherrios Delicata Squash
Kati Roll Kashi Zucchini
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Farina Eggplant
Squash Soup Cous Cous Endive
Pumpkin Lasagna Quinoa Figs
Tomatillo Salsa Tzatziki Apple
Lamb Chops American Cheese Banana
Ginger Tea Muenster Cheese Pomelo
Buttered Bread Feta Grapefruit
Bread Dipped in Olive Oil Mozzarella Mandarin Orange
Parsnip Fries Goat Milk Ricotta Clementine
Pork/Chive Dumplings Chevre Cara Cara Orange
Pork Wontons Yogurt * Naval Orange
Apple Sauce Blackberry Tangelo
Scrambled Eggs Raspberry Tangerine
Bagels (Plain and Pumpernickel) Blueberry Nectarine
 Assorted Breads Strawberry Peach
Pita Pineapple Mango
Garlic Bread Cantaloupe  Watermelon
 Assorted Pasta Shapes Honey Dew Bartlett Pear
 Chinese Noodles Canary Melon Anju Pear
 Mung Bean Noodles/Sheets Korean Melon Asian Pear
Moo Shu Pancakes persimmon Papaya
White Rice  plum Red Globe Grapes
Rice Wraps  papaya Green Grapes
Tofu / Do Hwa / Frozen Tofu veal Black Grapes

To sum up her eating experience so far, at her nine-month check up her pediatrician asked how her eating is.  When I said she’s been eating lots of foods she further inquired “Like what?”  I simply listed her dinner from the night before: hamachi (yellowtail) and sunchoke.  She didn’t know what either were.  For our readers, it might be a fun game to see if you’ve eaten as much as this one year old.

For her birthday, my mom came over and made the traditional long-life noodles. Here she is slurping them up.

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