A family that foods together stays together… or something.  This is our first year celebrating Halloween with Cayenne and probably the last time (before she starts talking) where we can do whatever we want with her for the dressing up portion.  We took that opportunity to play on her name, and hence you’re a pepper, I’m a pepper wouldn’t you want to be a pepper too? (Cayenne was a pepper).

In an ironic twist, she made us: Jessica was Sriracha (she’s Asian) and I was Tabasco (I’m white).

We learned that we are good at taking pictures of food and terrible at taking pictures of or ourselves.  Here are a few attempts, laugh along with us!

Jess & Caya - Halloween 2011

 Jessica and Caya Setting Up

Family Halloween 2011 - 4

Ice & Caya Can’t Get Enough of Each Other


Family Halloween 2011 - 3

Ice Going Nuts; Caya Watches


Family Halloween 2011 - 1

Mama, Stop Playing with Your Cap


Family Halloween 2011 - 2

We Gave it a Shot. Enough Hot Stuff for One Year


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