Salt & Fat 41-16 Queens Boulevard, Sunnyside, NY 11104, a small plates restaurant that is bold in flavor and cholesterol, has hit Sunnyside and I am ever so grateful. (Sunnyside is very close to Long Island City) With a name like that and a pig as mascot/logo, you know this place is not for vegetarians. We selected perfect dining mates, Jacquie and Jason, to try it out and the four of us ooh’d, ahh’d, and yum’d all the way through dinner. I told myself: I had better sit down and write up a post on this one!

As soon as we were seated, popcorn popped in bacon fat arrived at the table. It’s a prelude to the rest of the meal. We were armed with suggestions from blogging/twitter friends (Jackie, Yvo, Ken, Andrea, and Siobhan) so we ordered everything they recommended and more, about 3/4 of the menu. The Cobb Salad with added bacon was a hearty salad, full of rich ingredients like Chinese sausage chips, blue cheese dressing, candied walnuts, and runny yolk to coat that all. The chef assembled some colossal flavor and yet each one stood out. Impressive.

Cobb Salad 2

The Pork Belly in crisp taco shells were cut in nice, thick pieces, full of juicy pork flavor.
Pork Belly Tacos 2

I liked the BLT Buns even more. Centered around slabs of sweet and smoky bacon, these buns melted away in your mouth.


The four of us agreed that the Yellowtail, Speck, and Grapefruit was the least interesting. The fish gets lost in this dish. However, it is the lightest dish providing a nice break from the rich dishes.

Yellowtail, grapefruit, prosciutto

The Scallops were cooked nicely and the little fried capers on the side really stole the show.


The Korean BBQ Wraps are full of that umami goodness you’d expect, made with quality beef.

Korean BBQ

“Crack & Cheese” should be their signature dish. The fried gnocchi are light inside and crisp outside. They’re tossed in a cheesy bechamel and a generous amount of bacon. It’s wildly indulgent and makes you feel guilty for eating it.

Crack and Cheese

The two boys seemed to enjoy the Meatballs, but I thought they were just good and fairly standard in a Parmesan-rich tomato sauce.


The Fried Chicken was salty but perfect in every other way. Crispy, crunchy coating; juicy chicken; and not at all greasy. It’s a generous portion too.

Fried Chicken

For dessert, we had a trio: Thai Tea Ice Cream, Cucumber Sorbet,  and Buttermilk Yuzu Sorbet. All three were unique but we were mixed on how much we enjoyed the dessert.

Thai Tea, Cucumber, Buttermilk Yuzu

All four of us really enjoyed Salt & Fat. The service was great. The space is simple and clean, with a comfortable amount of space between tables. The price is very reasonable. ($119.76 with tax, not including tip, for all these dishes + 3 beers.) We’ve already made plans to go again so I will update this post with more pics so stay tuned…


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