What’s the last thing I thought I’d be doing a few weeks after giving birth? Posing nude. Yet, that’s what indeed happened. When Jackie of The Diva That Ate New York asked me if I’d do it to raise money for Tsunami victims in Japan, I said ok, without really thinking about it. The time came, postpartum, and I was like OMG…Now the book, The Nudie Foodies, Food Bloggers Peel for Japan, is out and you can read more about it and purchase it right here!

Each of the 18 bloggers in the book features a recipe and poses with ingredients from that recipe. I got to see my co-conspirators pictures and I was so blown away! Sexy, funny, hunger-inducing, and all. Special thanks to Linda of Salty Seattle for putting the book and website together, Denise of Wasabi Prime for being our designer, and all the other Nudie Foodies. I had such a blast working with you!

BTW, go to our website and see how you can be part of The Nudie Foodies 2!

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