We haven’t done a product review in a long while and that’s because nothing has really wowed us for a long time. Perhaps that’s why I’m getting a little giddy about sharing this great teapot/tea strainer that my parents first introduced to us. They had brought the contraption back from Taiwan.

While we were staying at my parents (remember that long kitchen renovation that isn’t 100% done yet?), Lon used this thing nearly every night so my parents gave it to him. Having tried many different strainers (all different mesh balls, dip sticks, and pots with central tea leaf holders), I have to say that this is our all time favorite one because of ease of use and how easy it is to clean. I have found that many are hard to clean and the tea leaves get stuck. Some of the metal ones get rusty over time. Not this one!

tea steeping in teapot 2

You simply put tea in it, add hot water, and allow it to steep. When it’s ready, you place it on top of a regular mug (many different sizes work) and the tea strains down into your cup within seconds, free of any tea leaf debris. There is a release that is activated by sitting it on a mug and you stop the flow just by lifting it.

tea straining halfway tea straining

The good news for you is that you don’t have to go to Taiwan to get one. IngenuiTea is selling them in the US and you can easily purchase one on-line. We now have a second one which is great for guests. We may end up getting more. This way, everyone can pick different teas. (We stock about 30 different kinds.)

The one from Taiwan looks exactly the same without the words “IngenuiTEA” on it and came with a coaster, which I like. The one we purchased here doesn’t have a coaster but works equally well.

*We love this product so I feel like this post sounds a little like a commercial but I am not being paid anything to endorse this product, though if you buy it through the Amazon link, we may get a few cents for being an Amazon partner of some sort.

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