When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of food babies, food comas, and all that relates to gluttony. The giant turkey, piles of cranberry sauce, and variations of string bean casserole pile onto our tables, not to mention the desserts. It seems like everyone brings a pie and now there’s 30 across the counters, starting at the doorway.

This Thanksgiving, while we’re enjoying all the great food, family and friends, please consider donating to those who don’t have a grand Thanksgiving meal, possibly none at all. I will be at The Nourishing Kitchen of NYC on Thanksgiving Day to help serve a warm and nutritious meal to those less fortunate. Will you join me by donating $25 to them? Click here to donate. Or, perhaps a charity of your choice. Let’s just spread the word to help feed those less fortunate.

empty plate 2

Thanks to Jennifer Perillo of In Jennie’s Kitchen for suggesting we spread the word, and to the other bloggers who share in this message: Happy Thanksgiving!

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