I’ve been eager to tell you for weeks… I’m pregnant!

Maybe you’ve already noticed the decline in posts and I’m sorry.  This morning sickness thing has been killing me–it’s wrongly named because mine lasts all day long. Feeling ill has made it impossible to cook or even think about food. Everything tastes funny and even though I’m always hungry, I never want to eat anything, except fruit. Fruit seems to be the only thing I am consistently happy to eat right now. I’ve also been chugging cartons of orange juice.

As a life-time food lover, I don’t feel like myself, I can’t even open my fridge. I don’t want to think about my next meal. It’s all torture. My favorite foods terrify me at the moment (and the smell of hubby, Lon). I was mortified when I wanted Chef Boyardee ravioli today. Not only would I not eat that prior to pregnancy, I enjoyed eating it today. I even ate it while thinking:

“The pasta is mushy and over-cooked. The meat does not taste like meat. The tomato sauce is ketchup with bits of meat in it.”

Still, I was happy eating it. What is this world coming to?

When I do want to eat something, I only seem to want it once, except fruit. I don’t even want chocolate cake, cookies ‘n cream ice cream, or a perfect pastry. Still, I managed to put on 6lbs already and pop a little belly. The problem is self-re-enforcing in that nausea is partly from hunger, so despite not wanting to eat, I have to, to keep down the nausea. It’s really an insane cycle.

Thank goodness for my mother, who is not only doing tons of cooking for me so I can eat (force myself to eat), she’s providing me with her recipes to post. I have been promised that the nausea will end by 12 weeks, like a flip of the switch, and then I will be ravenous, so with days left of my first trimester, I’ve got my fingers crossed. Until then, you’ll be seeing more of my mom’s Chinese recipes and I’ll update you with any progress I make.

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