People always talk about the weird cravings pregnant women have but what about the strange aversions. It’s so odd to suddenly be repulsed by your own favorite foods. I can’t believe that I’ll turn away a plate of slender crispy fries, a cup of smoky dark chocolate ice cream, or even a garlicky bowl of linguine with clams.  Like many others with morning sickness, I had a really hard time eating meat and fish in general. I still tried my best to eat some because I knew I needed the protein, iron, B6, and other good stuff. Oddly enough the one I hated the most was chicken, the one I would think was the lightest of the meats.

My sweet mom has been catering to me every day, asking me what I would like to eat, or more what I can stand eating. There is a tendency to just carb-load on plain breads, rice, and noodles so for some more nutrition, I asked for a vegetarian dish. This Shanghainese dish of Soy Beans, Snow Cabbage, and Tofu Skin Ribbons is light yet packed with protein.

Tofu Skin, Salted Veggies, and Soybeans 5

I love the way the snow cabbage becomes part of the sauce and coats everything. It puts a clean and healthy feel into each bite.  The tofu skin (called Bi Ye, meaning 100 layers) ribbons can be twisted onto chopsticks or a fork like pasta. You won’t be fooled since it doesn’t slurp the same way because of the friction on the surface. The soy beans add another element of texture, spots of starchy ovals.

Tofu Skin, Salted Veggies, and Soybeans 3

Soy Beans, Snow Cabbage, and Tofu Skin Ribbons
~4 servings

Instructions –

1. Submerge tofu skin in warm water with baking soda for 30 minutes. Drain and wash tofu skin and submerge in clean warm water for 10 minutes.

soaking tofu skin

2. Drain tofu skin and cut into ribbons. Set aside.

tofu skin ribbons

3. Heat oil on medium high heat in a large non-stick pan. Add salt preserved snow cabbage. Stir for 20 seconds. Add 1 cup water and tofu skin ribbons. Stir in mushroom bouillon and wait till it comes to a boil.

salted veggies

4. Add soy beans.

5. Make a slurry by stirring together cornstarch with 2 tablespoons water. Stir into the dish slowly. When soy beans are warmed through, the dish is ready. Serve immediately.

Tofu Skin, Salted Veggies, and Soybeans 2

Left-overs can be kept in an airtight container in the fridge and re-heated in the microwave or on the stove-top. Like with any cornstarch based sauce, left-overs will not be as ideal as when first made.

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