This morning, I woke up really hungry pretty early. Begrudgingly, I slid off the bed sideways and walked towards the kitchen with one eye open and grabbed a kiwi out of the fridge. After peeling it and slicing it, I noticed something unusual. I had to rub my eyes and check again. In my delirious half-sleeping state, I even cut open another kiwi to check and compare.

Kiwi with flower center 3

Yes, this was a strange one with a flower shape in the center. I quickly snapped some shots. (Sorry, I did not spend too much time thinking about plating and styling. I was hungry.) A moment later, I started thinking about what this beautiful yet abnormal growth was. There was no taste difference or texture difference. Is it similar to when you find those baby oranges inside a navel orange? I hope it’s not some genetic modification some scientist is working on. A quick google search yielded nothing. Any botanists out there know?

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