Remember when we got married? Can you believe it’s been two years? This picture was recently taken by our friend Eddie (make-up done by Caroline Louw). Do we still look like happy newlyweds or what?

We want to thank you for being with us the whole time, and so many of you have become friends that I chat with by e-mail or Twitter. I’ve even met some of you in person and hope to meet more. You guys make me smile with your kind words of encouragement so thank you!

FoodMayhem Milestone

A long time  ago, I really don’t remember when, Lon and I were talking. I had just learned of what Alexa rankings were. There are many different raking systems for websites, but Alexa and Quantcast are probably the most known. They each have their own formulas for ranking and I don’t want to get into the technical aspects in this post. Their ranking is not the end all be all, but it’s just one measure to look at in terms of relative traffic growth. So back then, whenever that was, I think my ranking on Alexa was something like 547,000-ish. (lower numbers are better, as in Google is #1 and Facebook is #2) Lon said my goal should be to get into the top-100,000 websites in the world. Like a child, I say, what do I get when I’m in the top 100,000? He says he’ll throw me a party.

I immediately started planning this party in my mind. I didn’t know how long it would take, but I knew, one day I’d be there, and I’d get to have a party. I would check every few months and I’d always get excited when I broke 500K, 400K, 300K, then 200K! After 200K, I checked with Lon… Do you remember when you promised me a party if I got into the top 100,000? Yes! Ok, just checking… Lon warns me that as you move up, it gets incrementally harder to move up, but all I heard was “ok, party!”

So, as of today, my Alexa ranking is 133,419 so the party is not happening yet but with all of your help, it’s in the near future. I’m going to need help with ideas too! I want to invite everyone!

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