Sofra Bakery One Belmont Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 was recommended to me by a new twitter friend, Citizen Taco. Thank You! Thank You! I am in love with this Middle Eastern-ish bakery. While enough is familiar in the display of perfect looking cakes, pastries, and buns, there are Middle Eastern twists in seasonings and toppings. Then, there’s also traditional Middle Eastern fare, where I am tempted by the new. You can see right past the counter into the open kitchen where flatbreads are being made on dome shaped stones. I peeked at what patrons were eating (very little seating inside, a little more outside) and wanted it all. It seems that getting there at 10am was perfect on Saturday morning, just before they got slammed at 10:30am. Seating, busing, and water is self-service.

Sofra BakeryI couldn’t decide what to chose and I’m still disappointed that I didn’t get to try absolutely everything. I’m planning another trip to Boston so I’m hoping to try more then. For now, we’ll both have to suffer with the mere 5 things I tried. First, Shakshuka. Lon is very familiar with the Israeli style of this dish, a soft egg amidst a sea of tomato sauce. I loved this curried version with some pita crumbs and a soft doughey bread to dip. It was so comforting but they should give a little more bread so you can sop up all the sauce.

Shakshuka 2

The Capers, Potato, and Olive pastry in a cornmeal crust was really nice, something new for me, but nothing to rave about.

capers, potato, olive pastry 3

The Moroccan Spiced Doughnut had the most amazing texture. The crumb was a little tighter than most doughnuts but so tender. I loved that it was lightly spiced too, not over-powering but fragrant. I do wish the dough was seasoned though.

moroccan spiced doughnut 2

The Honey Bun was another fantastic show of dough skills. Also, un-seasoned (I wonder if they do that on purpose), but the texture is just amazing. The sweet glaze is topped with some almonds.

honey bun 2

Inside is a nice sesame paste. The bun itself is very plain and not-sweet, but it works well all together.

inside Honey Bun 2

The iced coffee was one of the best I’ve had too. They make them to order so you need a little patience. Everything tastes so fresh and they have such a huge menu at a pretty reasonable price ($20.41 for what I got). As we were leaving, lunch was being set up and all I could do was gaze longingly. I need to try more!

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