They call this “live” octopus. Really they are actually dead… pulled from the tanks and freshly killed by being chopped up. They are still moving and the suckers hold onto the plate, the insides of your cheek, and the roof of your mouth. Conceptually, it’s just like eating sashimi, only the Koreans use a seasoned sesame oil for dipping. It’s incredibly fun and if raw fish is your thing, this ultra fresh seafood is for you.

Sik Gaek 49-11 Roosevelt Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377 has a full menu of other Korean foods to try, but nothing else was incredibly notable. The prices are good (bill was $141.48 for 6 people and lots left-over) and I love the welcoming, English-speaking staff at this new Woodside location (much closer to Manhattan). I’d go again to have the “live” octopus.

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