Yellow Chives with words

Let’s talk about Yellow Chives, a vegetable considered common in Chinese cooking, but you’ll probably never see it in an American supermarket. I mentioned them a little over a year ago: (Is it weird to quote myself?)

“They are the same plant as garlic chives, only grown without direct sunlight, which prevents them from turning green. Garlic chives and yellow chives are more pungent than American chives with a distinct garlicky flavor. They have flat (not hollow) leaves, and are used as a vegetable in Chinese cooking as opposed to the sprinkling use of herbs. It seems that some people love them and some people find them too stinky (in a garlicky way).”

I’m going to be putting up another recipe using yellow chives soon and I realized that I better tell you how to clean them. Towards the bottom of each stem, most of them will have a thin layer to peel off. You’ll also want to snip off any dry or brown ends on the top side. Give them a nice rinse and their ready.

cleaning yellow chive

Most of the time, yellow chives are cut into 2″ to 3″ segments and used in stir-frys. What’s your favorite dish with yellow chives?

yellow chives cut

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