Lon and I love the concept of a CSA, community supported agriculture. I want to have a relationship with my farmer, where I show loyalty to them and they take special care to ensure that I get fresh and delicious food. But, call me a control freak, I’ve never been able to get over the hump of joining because I need to pick my own food. Getting the mystery basket would be fun for 2 weeks, and then I’d want my choices back. I also like to take little trips in the summer, but you can’t when you’re tied to a pick-up day and time, every single week.

Last weekend, I met Jurrien Swarts, who seemed to answer my prayers. He and his cousin, Seth Holton, are eighth generation farmers, now taking over Holton Farms for Seth’s father. They have big and crazy ideas, and I love them!

Jurrien Swarts

Their CSA Select program allows customizable on-line ordering. Yes! You pick what you want and which weeks you want. So flexible. Drop-offs all over NYC (see map) start on May 17th, and Jurrien has offered all FoodMayhem readers an extra 5% off on top of the already discounted prices. Sign-up with code HFFMAYHEM

Seth Holton

It get’s better. It’s not just vegetables. You can get organic meats, and dairy is being added soon, as well as some prepared foods. Jurrien and I were just chatting away and I was “eating” it all up. I even invited myself up for a weekend retreat at his farm in June. We’re planning some video of this city girl in a new setting so stay tuned for me looking…uh, out of my element.

Just so you know: I have not yet tried any of the food, but I am receiving a free trial CSA when it starts, and I will definitely be giving my honest feedback. I don’t have any formal relationship with Jurrien for helping him promote his CSA. I am truly excited by his ideas for the future and he’s just a cool guy. I told him about The Nourishing Kitchen of NYC, and he immediately offered them food. They are working on a composting program with City Harvest, and he’s holding down a finance job until he can make his family farm profitable. He also happens to live in Long Island City so Woot!

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