Having been to Scarpetta, we had certain expectations for Faustina 25 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003, Chef Scott Conant’s new restaurant in the Cooper Square Hotel. It’s a beautifully designed hotel, very upscale Miami, including an outdoor lounge. I suggest starting with a drink there. Then, head down to the dining room for your meal, where there are seats outdoors, or ones just inside the glass wall, providing a spacious feeling you don’t often get in New York.

Now, I’m kicking myself for not jogging my memory before going. I would not have wanted to order the Proscuitto and Mozzarella Stromboli, which is good but even better when it’s complimentary at Scarpetta.

Proscuitto and Mozzarella Stromboli 2

Plus, you do get a fresh ciabatta roll with a whipped olive oil butter, which satisfies my the bread needs already.

ciabatta roll olive oil butter

Then, we ordered the Beef Short Ribs with Spaetzle, which looks mighty similar to the Beef Short Ribs with Farro we had at Scarpetta. I can’t complain too much though. It’s a great dish. Tender chunks of very meaty beef over fresh spaetzle. They were nice and separate little pasta dots, spotted with veggies and herbs, rich but not oily.

Short Ribs with Spaetzle

Rest assured, we did get to eat many unfamiliar dishes. Edgar, my friend who was dining with us, had read some raves over their burger. It was worthy. The meat was juicy with a nice crust. The bun help up well but you could bite right through. The taleggio was a great choice against the backdrop of sour cream and onion essence. I wasn’t sure if it was in the bread or a sauce. The Herbed Fries were excellent as well, crisp golden edges and you could taste real potato.

Cooper Square Burger Herbed Fries

The Strozzapreti with Sucking Pig Ragu has a deep porcine aroma. It’s more suitable as a cold weather dish, but that’s probably true of most of the dishes here.

Strozzapreti and Sickling Pig Ragu

Our waitress did an excellent job selling the Baby Halibut to us, as a rare fish to taste in this size. Full grown halibut are massive fish which is why you generally only see filets. They presented it to us before de-boning it.

Whole Baby Halibut

It’s an entree for two, but could easily feed three, covered in tomatoes and potatoes. The flesh of the baby halibut is quite different from what I’m used to. The obvious is that it’s much much thinner, but the meat actually ends up feeling somewhere between carp and flounder, less firm than adult halibut. It’s a nice dish, but not memorable to me.

Baby Halibut with Potato and Tomatoes

I don’t think any of us expected much from the Truffled Cabbage, having just ordered it to put some green in our meal. I finished in good conscience knowing I  ate a lot of that delicious cabbage. The butter and truffle made it hearty and comforting. The leaves were tender but still had some crispness that made it fell fresh.

Truffled Cabbage

We were stuffed, obviously over-ordering for 3 people. We decided to try one dessert and our waitress recommended the Date Pudding as her favorite. It is amazingly delicious, a warm soft cake, richly spiced. I imagine it as a special Christmas treat, using the best dates you can find.

Date Pudding 2

Our bill came to $146.98 which feels like the right price. We had enough food for 4 and I had a generous pour of Ribolla. The space is pretty and the service was polished. I can’t imagine why it was so empty, but it was a Sunday and Easter. I highly recommend going for at least the burger, truffled cabbage, and date pudding! <—sounds like a date!

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