New East Cuisine Manor 37-02 Main Street, New York, NY 11354 is the new name for Gala Manor, but ownership has not changed. Not much else has either and dishes were as forgettable as they were before. I’d even go ahead and call most of it bland.

Fish paste Stuffed Tofu vegetable dumplings
Shrimp Rice Noodles Shrimp Balls coated in Sticky Rice

There is one dish they’re known for, a bun they named Snow White. It’s similar to Chinese Sweet Topped Buns, but the crust is paler, not golden, and the inside is filled with some sort of rice pudding custard. I like that it’s mildly sweet with very fresh give to the bread. It is pretty good, but far from convinces me to return to this restaurant.

Snow White Buns, tea pot, and order sheet

After this review, I don’t know why you would go, but if you do, note that they include gratuity on your bill already. Cash only.

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