Milk & Honey 134 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002 is dark and private, hidden on a gloomy and half-deserted street, even by Lower East Side standards. I was glad I was being hosted by a member ($300 annual membership) because this small narrow place can’t fit many and members get dibs on the reservations, not to mention different prices.

door to Milk & Honey

Once seated in a booth for four, we received a plate of strawberries with honey and mascarpone. Le, my member friend, tells me this is not usual though, even for members. Our waitress offers to spew the verbal menu (no printed options makes sense since it’s movie theater dark but it’s on their website) or we could tell her what we like and she’ll recommend. I am always a fan of the latter route.

I like tart, so I’m given muddled berries with gin, over crushed ice. Caroline likes ginger. Anthony had read about their famous Penicilin, made with blended scotch, ginger, honey, and lemon. Le has one of his regulars. Every drink is well thought out, each with a different type of ice, glass, garnish, and mixing method. (No vodkas here.) There’s a fresh zing in most from either freshly squeezed citrus or ginger, or both. Each one undoubtedly an alcoholic drink. Don’t worry, I got home fine. Phew.

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