Like our last meal in Union Square, our first in Long Island City was destined to be less climactic than we had hoped. Exhausted, Lon came home from work before lunch. We had the Verizon guys hooking us up (FIOS!) and a delivery of Elfa shelves arriving. We had to settle for ordering in and Gaw Gai Thai Express 23-06 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101 was one of two menus we had. With “express” in the name, you never go in with high hopes, but there was a teeny part of me hoping that this was going to be a secret diamond in the rough, just a short skip away from us.

Chicken Pad See Ew 2 Chicken Pad See Ew

Alas, it was not, but I figured it was a lesson we had to learn eventually. The Papaya salad had nice heat that built slowly, but the malnourished tomatoes were just so sad, and stiff fibrous twigs of green beans, ugh. It was a generous portion for $5.50 but I didn’t really want it all. The rice noodles of the Pad See Ew had a promising bounce, and the chicken was tender, but they had to go and make it so salty. Wow, very salty, and such skimpy shards of the Chinese broccoli. Though $7.75 is pretty cheap, this ended up being a very small portion.

Despite the proximity, this menu is getting chucked. At the risk of sounding like an MTV show, Next!

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