From time to time, we’re going to get a voyeuristic look into the eating habits of notable players in the food industry. See what it’s like to eat like a professional foodie for a week.

Please welcome Cindi Bigelow, president of Bigelow Tea, and third generation tea expert, carrying on her grandmother’s business. The 65 year old company has lots to celebrate as the top selling tea company, holding about a quarter of the total market.

I met Cindi when she held a tea social at Country 90 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 (read about it on The Tea Scoop). I knew we would be doing lots of tea tasting, but I didn’t realize how much I would be learning. Being raised on mostly loose leaf teas, I never gave much thought to tea bags. Did you know that there is a difference between the types of paper that holds the tea bag. I never thought about it but it makes perfect sense; it needs to keep out light and air. That got me thinking about all those fancy new companies with really pretty tea bags. Many are just in clear plastics, and Lipton is not even sealed.

Anyway, back to Cindi. She runs a company with 350 employees, $90 million in revenue, marketing over 50 varieties of teas, and she took the time to log her eating habits for a week. So sit back with a cup of hot tea (I just tried Bigelow’s Organic Ceylon) and check out how Cindi Bigelow stays happy and healthy.


breakfast. (at office) Peet’s organic coffee with milk and sugar and a cranberry muffin.

lunch. (Sweet Basil Restaurant, CT) Assorted Sashimi and pork fried dumplings, green tea.

dinner. (at home) Salmon cooked in white wine, lemon and dill; sauteed green beans; glass of cabernet; Bigelow green tea and lemon.


breakfast. (at work cafeteria) cranberry muffin; coffee with milk and sugar.

lunch. (at work cafeteria) Egg salad on baby spinach; large green tea with Pom iced tea.

dinner. (giving a lecture at University of New Haven) Breaded seabass with asparagus and glass of red wine.

nightcap. (at home) “Constant Comment” tea with milk and sugar.


breakfast. (at work) half cranberry muffin; coffee with milk and sugar.

snack. (at work) Bigelow Novus citrus and chamomile tea.

lunch. (at Osianna Restaurant) Rocket and romaine salad; shrimp and salmon mix grill with lentils and caramelized onions; two glasses of Bigelow iced tea.

dinner. (at home) Lamb chops; marinated cucumbers; glass of red wine.

nightcap. (at home) “Constant Comment” tea with milk and sugar.


breakfast. (at work) Cranberry muffin; coffee with milk and sugar.

lunch. (at work cafeteria) Green tea with Pom iced tea; salad (hard boiled eggs, blue cheese, bacon bits, jalapeno peppers); frozen chocolate yogurt with chocolate chips.

snack. (at work) Bigelow green tea with Pom.

dinner. (at Guilford Chamber of Commerce) Prime rib; sauteed vegetables, glass of red wine, Bigelow green tea.


breakfast. (at Billy’s Bakery, CT) Blueberry scone; cup of coffee with milk and sugar.

lunch. (at home) Poached salmon and marinated cucumbers.

dinner. (at friend’s house) Steamed dumplings, shrimp and vegetables, cranberry tart, Bigelow green tea.


pre-breakfast. (at home) Fresh organic berries & Bigelow tea.

breakfast. (at Billy’s Bakery, CT) Vanilla coffee with milk and sugar and a cranberry scone.

lunch. (at home) Sushi and edamame from Whole Foods and two Bigelow green tea and mango tea bags (poured over ice).

dinner. (at home) Guacamole and chips, Greek salad with extra feta, and two glasses of Chianti.


breakfast. (Greenfield Hill Mercado, CT) Blueberry muffin and French vanilla coffee with milk and sugar.

lunch. (at home) Salad with feat cheese, oil, vinegar, brie and Jarlsberg cheese; Bigelow organic Acai White Cranberry tea.

snack. (at home) Bigelow lemon ginger.

dinner. (at home) Pork tenderloin with hoisin sauce, sauteed green beans and a glass of Cabernet.

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