I was never the type to get excited over movie stars. I don’t follow Perez (is that his name?). I didn’t recognize Susan Sarandon, Katy Perry, or Gary Sinise when they were right in front of me. So, it follows that I don’t buy clothing or shoes made popular by a star, or sun glasses a singer was caught wearing. Yet, when Kenji-Alt Lopez (GoodEater.org and The Food Lab on Serious Eats), one of my favorite food writers ever, says that Motorino 349 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003 is “the best in the city”, I was there.

Roasted Beet Salad

Hilary and I met for lunch, when it’s easy to get a seat. We started with a wonderful Roasted Beet Salad ($9) which is a great sharing salad, except for the sole piece of white anchovy. I really wish there was more. It was more pickled herring style than the super salty. Still, the half egg, ricotta salata, very fresh parsley were all great against the sweet beets coated in fruity olive oil.

I’ve mentioned before that Margherita ($12) is generally my favorite. I just like pizza plain and simple. Motorino makes a good pizza, very thin in the middle, bubbly crust, reminiscent of the Keste pizza. I did feel like a few bites were dry, not necessarily missing sauce or cheese, but just that the bubbly rim dough needed some more moisture. I was grabbing more water than usual.


That problem was solved with their Soppressata Picante pizza ($16), which I adored. The fat drips out of the soppressata and forms delicious little pools of spicy oil, spread about the pizza to bring moisture where needed. It was spicy and garlicky in every bite and every inhale.

Half Sopressata

It really surprised me that I liked this pizza with toppings so much, but so it is, this is the one I recommend. I’d go again just for the Sopressata and  leave my Margherita eating for another day.

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