We went to Kefi 505 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024 in their new space; we went to the original in 2007.  Even though we loved the food the first time, it was uncomfortable to sit so tightly jammed between strangers. Now, on Columbus Ave, it’s a lot more roomy, but still casual, with mostly the same menu. The extra space allows for reservations now too!

I recommend sticking with the appetizers and pastas, my new favorite being Sheep’s Milk Dumplings with Spicy Lamb. Similar to a gnocchi, the creamy, airy puffs are the perfect balance against chunks of strongly spiced lamb sausage.

Sheep's Milk Dumplings with Spicy Lamb Sausage

The meatballs were not as good as the first time, too heavily masked by so much olive and oregano, but the other dishes were delicious.


There seemed to be a group consensus, thumbs up on the tender sweetbreads, served with spinach, fried shallots, and a rich lemon-y sauce. Unique for not being deep fried and coated (the usual way I see it).

Sweatbreads, spinach, crispy shallots

The Flat Pasta with Braised Rabbit is as great as it was last time, a rich and hearty winter pasta. The large butterflied sardines were fresh and accented with a garlicky Greek salad. I enjoyed the unique mix of mussels, gigante beans, and feta, and the selection of spreads is always a great starter to share. My favorite is the ultra creamy tzatziki.

Flat Pasta with Braised Rabbit Sardines
Mussels, Gigante Beans, Feta Selection of Spreads

Our waiter so strongly recommended the special of baby lamb chops that we took it. The meat was perfectly cooked though under-seasoned, and the spinach rice stole the show, so buttery and soft.

Lamb Chops with Rice

What I like most about Kefi is that it doesn’t taste like every other Greek restaurant. Many of them end up having the same menu and tasting exactly the same. There are interesting dishes to have here in a casual atmosphere, with good prices. Four people with a bit more food then we needed, came out to $116.24 (including tax and tip). If I was living in the neighborhood (oh, I miss those days), this would be a go-to.

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