Last time, we went to Brooklyn Fare (and loved it), we gave you pictures and descriptions, all through the eyes of a customer. This time, I asked if I could come early and watch them prep, maybe even chat with Chef Cesar Ramirez.

Enjoy these photos and video clips from Brooklyn Fare 200 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, because it may be a while before you get reservations. Still try! It is worth the wait for what I consider the best bang-for-your-buck ($95 per person and BYOB) in New York.

If to say “Chef Ramirez is a perfectionist” would be an understatement, then to say he’s “obsessed with white China” would be the king of understatements.  He sees each plate as the canvas for his art. Each piece is washed and put away in boxes the night before. Before service, each piece is hand polished with a touch of white vinegar.  Throughout the night, he glows like a child on Christmas, reminding me that he’s getting shipments of a lot more.

Cesar let me in on how he made this Carrot, Orange, Ginger Soup with Yogurt Foam. He makes carrot, orange, and ginger juice, each separately first, keeping them very concentrated. They are brought together and warmed for a really potent shot of soup.

carrot, orange, ginger with greek Yogurt

We saw this Sardine and Sage Potato Crisp last time. Again, what precision for a chip that is barely 2″ long.

anchovy sage potato crisp

The Crab and Kataif looked a bit different this time, with shorter strands of kataif and a red pepper sauce (last time it was a dill sauce).

crab and Kataif

The melt-in-your-mouth Toro is served with a creamy house-made mustard and a few drops of soy, then topped with fried leeks and micro leeks.

toro with mustard and soy, fried leeks and micro leeks

A bite of King Crab with a luscious and mayo-like sauce, topped with caviar.

langoustine and caviar

Here, a fried Langoustine with a Spanish herb (sorry, forgot the name).

fried Langoustine

The Kumomoto Oyster, with Oyster juice Gelee, and grapefruit was still delicious, but not quite as delicious as last time, when it was served with some uni for some extra cool coating of the tongue.

oyster, oyster juice gelee, grapefruit

Chef Ramirez asked us all to try this fried goodie before announcing what it was. We took some guesses, but no one came up with the answer, which was duck testicle! While my friend’s date grabbed for water, I cheered, always excited to try new things. It was round, bouncy, and chewy, almost like sweetbreads.  It’s not something I’d go out of my way for, but I would eat it again.

duck testicle

The Foie Gras with black pepper powder was perfect. Cesar believes in cooking it all the way through.

foie gras with pepper powder

The Creamy Cup of layered oils and foams was familiar and very welcomed.

Truffle Cream

Watch how much fresh truffle is grated for this.

The chunks of Hamachi dance in a beautiful garden here.


Just before dinner, I watched Cesar make this salad. It doesn’t get any fresher than cutting it right off the plant.

This is the best ( I don’t use that word often) shrimp I have ever eaten. As I was sucking the juicy shrimp head and talking about it, Ilana did the “that’s what she said” bit. I didn’t care as I was in heaven. I could get high and drawn in it.

Best shrimp ever

This perfectly round Potato Crisp is made with liquefied potato, baked, then fried. I watched Cesar prepare these delicate pieces with tweezers. They broke so easily.

potato crisp

Underneath is a delightful play of textures: Hama Hama Oyster, razor clam, elf mushrooms, salmon roe, black rice, and micro greens that tasted of licorice.

hama hama oyster, razor clam, elf mushrooms, salmon roe, black rice, micro green that tastes like licorice

This Line Caught Sea Bass  was perfectly tender but it was the thick and crisp skin that many asked about. The secret: scales were left on.

line caught Sea Bass with scales

Days later, Lon is still talking about the veal. I can’t blame him since it was the best (again, with that word) veal I’ve ever tasted. A thin, rare slice from a tightly tied roulade in a perfect circle. It lays on a soft pillow-y layer of cooked onions and Parmesan cream.

Veal with parmesan and onions

We were so overly excited to dig in to dessert after hearing bananas were involved. Neither of us took a picture. Good thing I have some video.

…and because I’m such a good friend, I made her wish come true.

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