From time to time, we’re going to get a voyeuristic look into the eating habits of notable players in the food industry. See what it’s like to eat like a professional foodie for a week.

photo by Jolie Ruben

photo by Jolie Ruben

Please welcome Gabriella Gershenson, Eat Out Editor of Time Out New York. Gabriella took time from her busy schedule to show me around their cool, lofty office. Everyone was busy at work, including Gabriella, who was just posting some late breaking news when I got there. What a dream job: being responsible for eating at all the newest and hottest restaurants. Sometimes, servers or managers do recognize her, but they try to be discrete and then photographers will schedule photo shoots another day afterwards.

Gabriella has been published in The New York Times, Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, and The Boston Globe. She was the restaurant critic for New York Press for almost three years before becoming the Eat Out Editor at Time Out New York in 2006. Being responsible for online and print, Gabriella is a wealth of knowledge about food journalism and she’s offering a class at Ice in January!


breakfast. (at work) Oatmeal and (full fat, grass-fed) yogurt.

lunch. (at work) At Time Out New York we have a communal lunch going every day, where each of us brings in something simple and shares the dish.  Today was Ratatouille and greens.

snack. (at work) An Autumn Pie with Crumble that showed up at work that day.

dinner. (at home) Pasta Carbonara made at home, no guanciale.


pre-breakfast. (at tai chi class) Pu-ehr tea.

breakfast. (at The Breslin) Steak and eggs with green sauce and home fries, plus coffee.

lunch. (at work) Rice, fennel, cabbage, almonds, and concord grapes. More of the pie from Monday.

snack. (at work) Chocolate chip cookie, also from a package dropped at the office that day.

dinner. (at home) Corn flakes with soy milk.


breakfast. (at work) Oatmeal, coffee at my desk.

lunch. (at work) Purple kale, cheese,  baba ghanoush, hummus, carrots, pita, and a cookie.

snack. (at work) Two chocolate chip cookies.

dinner. (at a friend’s birthday party) Hummus, labneh, roasted squash, brussels sprouts, and wine; plus Turkish semolina cake, with whipped cream and berries—I made the cake.


pre-breakfast. (at tai chi class) Pu-ehr tea.

breakfast. (at Stumptown) Coffee and a pretzel roll.

lunch. (at work) Kale salad with chickpeas, avocado, and carrot; a cookie; and a bit of a pecan bar.

dinner. (at SD26) A ridiculous amount of food: The gin martini and fettucine with shaved truffles were the highlights.


breakfast. (at home) Plain yogurt.

lunch. (at work) A meager lunch of hummus and veggies.

dinner. (at Robataya) A feast at this Japanese grill in the East Village. The best dishes we tried were the sardine sheets, unusually springy, agedashi tofu, and a slow cooked rice dish with salmon and salmon roe called kamameshi.

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