Wow, 2009 has breezed by. Time flies when you’re having fun, and I have you to thank you for that. Thanks for your questions, comments, thumbs up, pictures, subscribing, facebook fan-ing, and new friendships. Thank You!

We thought it would be fun to take a look at the top 10 posts of 2009 (based on traffic):

Crawfish Gumbo over Rice white chocolate bones Happy Birthday Sophia
medium rare beef short ribs 5 Pumpkin Lasagna reheated 2nd day Pockets Cooling 2
Pepitas Candy Whole spoonful of Hot & Sour Soup 2 Served with Sauteed Red Onions

#10 Crawfish Gumbo

Let’s jump right in, hot and heavy with this Crawfish Gumbo. For a couple of New Yorkers, we made a pretty mean gumbo, with real roux and everything! This post is full of tips for this work intensive dish, and if you want more crawfish, see Crawfish Boil too, made by a real Louisiana dad!

Crawfish Gumbo Close UP

#9 Halloween Bones

Lon made these awesome bones with white chocolate and pretzels for Halloween. We’re glad you liked it, or were you just checking out Lon dressed as Wolverine?

bones and rose

#8 Red Velvet Cake

Who doesn’t love Red Velvet Cake? Yea, just dangle it over me. Thanks guys. If there’s anyone else that’s allergic to artificial food coloring like me, check out my Beet Chocolate Cupcakes.

Three Tiers 2

#7 Doubanjiang Beef Short Ribs

I’m so glad you all liked this one because it’s definitely a personal favorite of mine, and it’s so easy, you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it here, but now you know it’s really really true, and delicious.

Doubanjiang Beef Short Ribs 2

#6 Pumpkin Lasagna

In 6th place, is the pumpkin lasagna, but it’s probably #1 in terms of being the most tried recipe on FoodMayhem of 2009. I get e-mails and messages all the time,  from people telling me how much they’ve enjoyed this recipe. I’ve also gotten several pics from people, which you’ve seen in our FoodMayhem Fan Pics section. I love this recipe and all the great feedback puts a smile on my face every time. Thanks!

fork through Pumpkin Lasagna 5

#5 Left-over Pockets

Don’t like left-overs? Wrap it in dough and you’ve got something like an empanada and no one will ever know it’s left-overs. The possibilities are endless.

Pockets Cooling 1

#4 Pepitas Candy

A healthy treat with just two ingredients? No wonder this one was popular.

Pepitas Candy  11

#3 Hot & Sour Soup

Getting into the top 3! My mom taught me how to make this classic Chinese soup and I will never go through another winter without it. It is the perfect winter lunch, first course, last course (Chinese have soup last), or any time snack.

Hot & Sour Soup 5

#2 Juicy Lucy Burgers

I want to stuff just about anything with melted cheese, and this burger is a darn good way to start.

Inside the Burger

#1 Chef Jody Williams Steamed Scrambled Eggs

The #1 post of 2009 is the one where Chef Jody Williams shows me her special technique for steam scrambling eggs! I’m not surprised this is your favorite; it’s mine too. It’s also our first post with a video, so more of that to come.

Steamed Scrambled Eggs with Proscuitto

Thanks for a great 2009! We’ll see you in 2010!

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