Arirang 32 West 32nd Street, New York, NY 10001, a third floor Korean noodle restaurant, was hard to find (no signage on the first floor). The servers smile more than the standard K-town staff, and things started out decently well with some complimentary kimchee, kimchee radish, and barley tea. The seafood pancake was fresh, crisp outside, and a bit chewy inside.

Seafood Pancake

But, what you come here for (or what they’re supposedly known for) is the noodles, two types, handmade long noodles and dough flakes. Basically, it’s a pulled noodle and a cut noodle (dough cut in wide slices). They are served in soups, choices of chicken, anchovy, seafood, kimchee or vegetable. Two of us got seafood and two of us got anchovy. All were surprisingly unimpressive.

None of us could taste anchovy. That one tasted like a pure onion/scallion and garlic stock. It was quite bland and the spicy red pepper paste only helped a little. The dough flakes had a nice doughy texture to them but the pulled noodles were pretty mushy. The seafood version is similar, with the addition of seafood and a huge pile of spinach on top, but still surprisingly bland.

Seafood Mixed Noodles 2

Sure, the portions are huge for somewhere between $9-$11 per bowl, but what’s the use when no one likes it enough to even finish half. Seriously, no one even came close.

Lon added the Korean meatballs, a handwritten addition to the menu. The pork patties, flavored with garlic and MSG, were fine but nothing special.

Korean Meatballs

4 people, 8 thumbs down.

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