A Voce 10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019 opened a second location in the Time Warner Center. Same name but a different menu. The space is open, modern, with nice views. The bar is spacious and the kitchen is visible through glass walls. Service is as expected, polite and clean. It’s an obvious place for the business crowd.

We enjoyed slices of puffy focaccia, lined-up like a stack of pillows, a light airy vessel to carry a smear of cheese and olive oil. We lingered and ate slowly, noticing the surprisingly empty room for Sunday brunch (it was Sunday after Thanksgiving though). I don’t like to rush through those crowded and noisy brunch places so I preferred the quiet, where I could hear my friends.

Focaccia and Cheese

The menu satisfies those that want eggs/breakfast but we all ended up with pastas. The waiter recommended the Mezzaluna, half moon pastas filled with Taleggio cheese, and topped with butternut squash, brown butter, and sage. This was the best one, creamy and rich, comforting but not overly heavy.


Sara got the Pici, a nice combo of bacon, brussels sprouts, and almonds. The flavor was as good as it sounds, but the pasta was under-cooked, with some hard centers.


Angie, Angela, and Pamela all ordered the Spaghetti alla Chitarra, enticed by crabs, leeks, and sea urchin butter. They were all let down by the lack of crab and the fishiness of the uni.The square edged spaghetti also reminded us of a type of Chinese noodles used in soup. It didn’t work here.

Spaghetti Alla Chitarra

The Bomboloni was the winner, a vanilla bean cream filled doughnut, warm and sugared. I could have eaten the whole plate of four myself. The dark chocolate sauce was delicious, a perfectly balanced bitter, but it wasn’t necessary with the dish.


This was on the expensive side for brunch, around $30 to $40 (depending on if you have a beverage), which is appropriate for the location, but won’t get a second visit from any of us, except maybe for some Bomboloni at the bar.

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