We are constantly inspired by some of the photography we see.  By other bloggers (like WoR Couple), by friends & family / semi-pro photographers (like Steve, Bill, and Eddie), and by others.  And while we’ve received many wonderful compliments on our improving skills, we realized it was time to upgrade our equipment, it’s not the first time.

After seeing what Eddie’s Canon 7D could do at Sorella we knew that was the choice for us.  Especially since we are interested in making videos, but primarily for its ability to shoot in low light conditions.  So we bought our camera and WOW, can this baby shoot!  We’ve decided to give you a quick comparison to our old Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi.

So I’ve sacrificed the temperature and delicate texture of my breakfast for your viewing pleasure.  I whipped up a batch of my favorite scrambled eggs recipe (from Gordon Ramsay), I used the olive oil used by the chef of our favorite bought scrambled eggs, and produced by owner and chef Rita Sodi, of I Sodi.  Then I topped that with some gravlax.  A heavenly breakfast.  The only thing ruining it is the poor light in our semi-cave-like NYC apartment.

The method used was pretty simple: I white balanced both cameras and shot at almost identical configurations (shutter was 1/30 for XTi and 1/25 for 7D, this was to hit the center point of the light meter).  Otherwise, both were ISO 1600 and f/2.8 with a 50mm Sigma Macro.  I have not edited these photos at all.
First the XTi:

Canon XTi pic of Breakfast

Then the 7D:

Canon 7D pic of Breakfast

Lets see those at 100% zoom side by side (7D on the left):

7D at 100 percent XTI at 100 percent

Whoa, talk about no comparison!  First of all, the 7D white balanced far more naturally.  Second, the picture is so much brighter, a fantastic exposure.  Third, the 7D has much less noise (grain).  Fourth, I used auto-focus, and the 7D’s focus was much sharper.  And, finally, XTi has sharp glare, harsh shadows, and annoying contrast; whereas, the 7D has much softer light areas, shadows, and great contrast.

Look forward to some better pictures coming your way!

p.s. Even though the 7D is better, we still strongly recommend the XTi to novice photographers, it was a wonderful camera for us to get started with.  Ours is in perfect condition and we’re planning to sell it.  So if anyone is interested, please contact us.

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