Shortly after landing in Pittsburgh, we headed to The Strip. (Shortly, because first I had to stop and buy shoes. I didn’t have shoes that matched my dress, but I’ll spare the guys from the rest of that story.) We drove around two circles looking for parking, as I hung my head out the window, panting like a golden retriever, drooling over all the street vendors. When we were finally pedestrians, I got a closer look. There was huge, steaming hot pepperoni sandwiches on sale for $5. There was a long table full of cannoli, biscotti, whoopie pies, and tons of stuff covered in powdered sugar. We spotted several grills, one with ribs, one with seafood, one with chicken skewers. But, we had to resist. Lunch would be at the famous Primanti Brothers 46 18th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, where all sandwiches have cole slaw and fries.

sandwich making 3

Outside, a long line was forming, but it moved pretty quickly. Our friend Bobby met up with us, and then some other guests of the wedding. (We’re in Pittsburgh for a wedding.) Lon got the Cheese Steak, which is more like a high school beef patty and not the sliced meat found due East (in Philly). We knew what we were getting going in (since we saw them making it while on line), but we weren’t prepared for it being so under-seasoned and tasteless, like a boiled burger patty. Ick!

Steak & Cheese

I got the Capicola & Cheese which was better because the sub-par ham-like meat was salted and a tad spicy, a needed contrast to the slaw and unseasoned fries. We all loved the thick puffy white bread and that the sandwiches were easy to bite through, but the fries were soggy and lacking enough cheese. All six of us were generally underwhelmed.

Capicola & Cheese 2

The tales spread about this place must have gotten exaggerated over the telephone game or maybe its changed over its 70 year history. First of all, these are good size sandwiches, but not humongous, OMG, no one can finish it. Nope, these were easily finished and the part that wasn’t (the cheese steak) wasn’t because of size–it just wasn’t tasty. For $5.99, the value is not bad, but you might want to stop telling visitors that this is your main place. Two from NY, three from San Francisco, and one from Chicago are not impressed.

We should have gotten the pepperoni sandwich…

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