Happy Halloween!

Our friend Marcos gave us an adorable little Halloween book, Goulish Goodies. If I got the story correctly, Marcos’ wife is a teacher and one of her students’ mother is the author, Sharon Bowers. It’s full of great ideas for Halloween treats, many that you can do with kids, and there’s enough in there to last you for years. Lon liked the idea of bones, made with pretzels, marshmallows, and white chocolate. It’s only three ingredients so you can still slip this in as a last minute activity.

bones and rose

While there is a recipe, you really don’t need one. You can use different sizes of pretzel sticks/rods and different sizes of marshmallows to create different sizes of bones.

mrashmallows and pretzels

You stick a marshmallow at the end of each pretzel stick/rod. It works better if you put the marshmallows on horizontally, perpendicular to the stick. Prepare all of them before working with the white chocolate.

pretzel and marshmallow bones 2

Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler, removing from the heat just before all the chocolate is melted. Stir to melt the rest, away from heat. It’s ok if it remains a little lumpy. Dip the pretzel/marshmallows in the white chocolate, using a fork to move it around and pick it up. Lay each one on a baking sheet (use silpat if you have) without any touching. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. You can store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator or a cool place until you’re ready to serve them.

white chocolate bones

They are pretty convincing bones. Ice (our Jack Russell) was certainly convinced.

Ice: hmm…what’s that?

Ice trying not to look at bones

Ice: Maybe they won’t see me creep closer.

Ice creeping towards bones

Lon: Ice! Don’t touch!

Ice almost gets bones

Ice: huh? who me?

Ice asking for permission

Ice was scared because Lon looks like wolverine.

Lon as Wolverine 3

Happy Halloween! Send us pictures of your Halloween!

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