When I raved about the scrambled eggs at Gottino, Chef Jody Williams saw my post and offered to give me a tutorial on her amazing Steamed Scrambled Eggs. If that’s not a food blogger’s dream come true, I don’t know what is.

Steamed Scrambled Eggs with Proscuitto

Chef Jody started by showing me her tiny workspace behind the bar. After eating here twice, I had always assumed there was another kitchen somewhere, but there isn’t. There is some more prep space downstairs but no full kitchen. Nearly everything you eat at Gottino 52 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011 is made right behind the bar. Through adversity, Chef Jody has found a way to work around the limited space and limited appliances, still serving up some of the best stuff in town.

Chef Jody Williams at Gottino 2

She tells me her favorite brunch item is the Crespelle Dolci, the crepes with butter, apples, and walnuts. She uses sea salt from main, Greek olive oil, and feels strongly about very fresh ground pepper. Then there’s this story about how she started making a family meal/staff meal of a waffle sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese. The idea was something she ate on vacation in Hawaii and it became this secret menu item at Gottino. You won’t see it on the menu, but if you ask for a Surfer Sandwich, they’ll make it for you. The staff I met, Alice Attala, Jeremy Mustakas, Max Poglia, Matt Perkins, and Jenny Robie, seem like family here and makes it feel less like a restaurant and more like a friend’s apartment, only there’s a full fridge with plenty to eat and drink.

So without further ado, watch this video (my first video, so please bear with me) for the  secret to her Steamed Scrambled Eggs! (I’d love feedback on the video.)

Jody Williams Steamed Scrambled Eggs
~for one

  • 2 to 3 organic eggs
  • spoonful of softened butter
  • dash of sea salt
  • parmesan and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • toast, olive oil, and proscuitto to serve

Instructions –

1. In a tall porcelain jar (preferably something with a handle), beat together eggs, butter, and salt.

2. Hold the jar underneath the steamer wand (milk steamer on an espresso machine) and let the wand dip into the egg mixture. Turn on the steamer and swirl about until the eggs are scrambled but soft and runny. There is a little residual cooking. (Chef Jody turn the steam on higher. I was a chicken and did it more slowly.) Set aside. (Picture below taken by Max Poglia.)

Jessica Steam Scrambling Eggs

3. Plate the toast. Drizzle with olive oil. Top with scrambled eggs. Grate parmesan on top, and fresh pepper. Add prosciutto.

Steamed Scrambled Eggs with Proscuitto 4

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