Salumeria Rossi 283 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023 is a restaurant and meat counter. The dinner we had there was forgettable, and already forgotten, but the salty meats is where they shine. It’s cheaper to take it to-go anyway and that is what you should definitely do. Select three or more meats and make yourself the best sandwich ever, or spread it out with some cheese for an appetizer. If you’re like me, you will just wear your stash down each time you pass the fridge. Pick up delicate slice with thumb and pointer finger, dip head back, and place gently on the tongue. Moaning is acceptable.

Pancetta slice

Aside from balancing the perfect level of saltiness, and using quality meat, it’s how they slice it that knocks my socks off. See this paper thin pancetta, like tissue paper curled up. When it’s piled together, it’s like ribbons dancing around in your mouth. The thin sheets allow the soft white fat to come to room temperature almost instantly so that it melts when it hits the warmth of your tongue.

Pancetta 2

The Finnocchiona is so thin, it’s translucent, like stain glass window. (I would go to the church of salumi.) The fennel seeds blend in, more than usual, and everything has become one. The meat is elastic and fun to see how far you can pull until it breaks.

Finnocchiona slice

The Mortadella with pistachio is still thin, but more sturdy, like resume paper. It’s the grown up version of bologna, prettier too with the white and green spots.

Mortadella with Pistachio slice

Ahh…salty meat. I will be back for more.

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