I don’t work in midtown but I read Midtown Lunch. Before you make fun of me, I met someone else at this meet-up who also does not work in midtown. Plus, reading paid off. I would never have otherwise known about Indian Pizza at Bombay Eats 314 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019. Since they don’t sell their Indian pizzas by the slice, I made a comment about wanting to share pies with people and Adam (a real midtown luncher) organized a meet-up.Woohoo!

Midtown Lunchers 2

What could be bad? Indian food, good. Pizza, good. Indian Pizza, sounds good…With 8 people, we got three (18″) pies. Each slice is pretty hefty so I wouldn’t recommend eating 3 slices at a time unless you have time for a nap after lunch. All of them are mild (although you can request extra spice) so no worries if you are sensitive.

Lamb Keema Pie

We started with Saag Paneer, which did taste like Saag Paneer on average pizza. The whole wheat crust on this one was not too noticeable. The extra vegetables seem unnecessary here and some pieces are too large to bite comfortably, but it was still enjoyable.

Saag Paneer Slice 2

I like the Lamb Keema more. It kind of tasted like a mildly spiced lamb bolognese. Here, I like the vegetables that round out the meal, but they could be cut into smaller pieces. They are fresh and crisp though.

Lamb Keema Slice

The Chicken Tikka was probably my favorite. Using very little tikka sauce was actually genius. It adds flavor without overpowering the pizza part. This was also on a white crust that I like marginally more.

Chicken Tikka Slice

The pizza is average. The Indian flavors are average and toned down, but ingredients are quite fresh. The owner, Prakash Hundalini, is friendly and eager to please, and the bathroom respectable. Together, it’s a solid very good and very enjoyable meal, especially for the reasonable prices and friendly service.

Bombay Eats sign

I had such a great time meeting up for lunch with randomn food-lovers. I think I’ll do it more often!

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