Don’t worry, I’m still going to post my review on The French Laundry, but I discovered these Ground Husk Cherry Tomatoes on Monday, right after getting back from California, and I just can’t wait to post this anymore. These are the best things since sliced bread, the coolest farmer’s market discovery, the bomb diggity!

Ground Husk Cherry

These are tomatoes. They have a paper like pouch around them, similar to tomatillos, but these are really small, about 1/2″ diameter (without outer layer).

Ground Husk Cherry Tomatoes in skin 2

Opening each one is like a little present. Most of them are a beautiful golden color, but they range from yellow to orange, sometimes with a peachy tinge or green tinge.

one peeled 5

When you slip one into your mouth (don’t eat the paper-y layer), the skin is smooth and taught, like any other cherry tomato, but it bursts with a vengeance, and floods your mouth with tomato and mango juices, blessed by a tropical sun. Yea, it tastes like it’s been injected with mango juice, fortified with sunshine! It’s sweet, almost candy-like. It blows my mind, and Lon’s. He took some to work to share with co-workers. If I was rich, I’d mail packages of these to everyone I know, but I’m not so you’ll have to buy it at the farmer’s market. I got it at Yuno’s Farm for $5 per pint. Next time I’m getting the quart for $8. I saw another vendor selling it today too (don’t know which one).

Ground Husk Cherry Tomatoes

Put out a bowl of Ground Husk Cherries at your next party. They would be a great conversation starters and they’re way healthier than chips.

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