Erin of Doctor Food has been a blogger friend of ours, almost since the beginning of FoodMayhem. She knows us well and knew that we’d love Cowgirl Chocolates, so she generously sent us a bunch of flavors to try. Thank You!

Cow Girl Chocolates

What a variety of interesting flavors: Mild Milk Chocolate Sasparella (Erin and Lon’s favorite) that tastes like chocolate root beer in a bar. Spicy Dark Lime Tequila that tastes exactly as described. We weren’t huge fans of the Mild Dark Chocolate Lavender, seemingly made with a whole basket of potpourri, but we unexpectedly loved the Mild White Chocolate Lemonade. At first, I thought – gross! But, it’s a light lemon, creamy frosting, in bar form. I couldn’t complain about that right?

The spicy ones are spicy. Whoohoo! The Habanero Caramels and the Spicy Habanero Organic Orange Espresso, shaped like red daisies, had real kick. (We’ve had many disappointing chili chocolates where can’t even taste any chili.)

Spicy Habanero Organic Orange Espresso Daisy

The Spicy Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles have a medium heat with a smooth, fruity, and sticky center.

Spicy Raspberry Dark Chocolate wrapped Spicy Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Overall, we were impressed. In addition to these chocolates having fun, original flavors, the chocolate itself is very good and the careful balancing of flavors makes Cow Girl Chocolates more than just kitschy. To top it off, good prices make this a perfect gift for adventurous chocolate lovers. Thanks again Erin!

FoodMayhem Meet-Up

I really can’t believe how many amazing friends we’ve made through FoodMayhem, so we’re thinking about setting up our first FoodMayhem Meet-Up! We’re shooting for Saturday, October 17th (in NYC) and it would be really helpful if we could get an idea of how many people would be interested in the meet-up so I can pick an appropriate place. You can leave a comment or fill out the contact form. Can’t wait to meet some of you in person!

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